Domain Reaper is no longer available for purchase but there is good news; We have worked out an exclusive deal with the amazing guys over at Domain Hunter Gatherer to provide an unprecedented 20% off all packages of Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro. To make use of this cdiscount simply use coupon DHG10 when checking out to get a recurring 10% discount on all Pro packages.

Since the release of Domain Hunter Gatherer it has been absolutely destroying the competition and I felt now was the time to bite the bullet and offer an alternative to the Domain Reaper expired domain scraping tool. Domain Hunter Pro is easily the most powerful and comprehensive suite of tools to find expired domains, it has everything a professional domainer could ever want.


Load your scraped seed list

Load scraped seed list

Click scan to start extraction and checking

Start extraction and checking

Pause built in to avoid moz api ban

Pause built in

Use the dynadot api to double check availability

Use the dynadot api
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